Our companies

BlazHoffski Belgium

BlazHoffski Belgium was founded by Geert Willems in 2007 and has been making programs for commercial and public broadcasters in Flanders ever since. Some of their best known programs are Hello Goodbye, The Taste Police (De Smaakpolitie), World’s Strictest Parents (Pubers van Streek) and Impractical Jokers (Foute Vrienden). Geert Willems is the Creative Director. Koen Windmolders is the delegated producer of our Flemish branch and the department Research & Development is led by Wannes Deleu.

Dahl TV

Dahl TV was founded in 2002 by Maurice Dekkers and Benthe Forrer. With Dahl TV, they wanted
to make television concepts and programs that stood out because
of their originality and their own signature. Since, Dahl TV has
become a household name in
the world of television.

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BlazHoffski Levy Productions

Gideon Levy is a filmmaker and producer and the founder of Levy Productions. His company started
an exclusive collaboration with BlazHoffski in 2009, under the name BlazHoffski Levy Productions. Gideon Levy is known for being a reporter,
a so called Jackal (Jakhals), for the popular Dutch television program
De Wereld Draait Door (The World Keeps Turning), but his real breakthrough came with the film Lockerbie Revisited, for which he
won several international awards. Since then, he has produced and presented three seasons of his revealing documentary series ‘LEVY’ for the broadcaster AVRO. In LEVY,
he works as a research journalist uncovering a wide variety of subjects. In 2012, thanks to the LEVY series about ‘forgotten nazis’, the criminal prosecution of SS member Siert Bruins started.