Who are we?

BlazHoffski was founded by Dan Blazer and Erik van der Hoff, two experienced television producers who in 1996 decided to develop and produce television programs together. Their vision? Making characteristic programs that enrich the current television market. We achieve this by assembling the best team for every program, by continually searching for innovative, creative approaches and by not always choosing the easiest way.

BlazHoffski Belgium started in 2007, and is led by Geert Willems. In 2009 an exclusive collaboration with Gideon Levy



followed and in 2010 Maurice Dekkers and Benthe Forrer joined the BlazHoffski family with Dahl TV. All inspired and experienced television producers. The international distribution of the BlazHoffski formats has been overseen by Warner Bros since 2011, when they acquired a controlling interest in BlazHoffski. Thanks to this strategic cooperation, BlazHoffski has access to Warner Bros.’ extensive format catalogue, while Warner Bros. makes the international distribution of BlazHoffski’s formats and television programs possible.