A concept store for Haute Cuisine Media 

With Dahl TV, they wanted to make television concepts and programs that stood out because of their originality and
their own signature. Their dream has come true: Dahl TV
has become a household name in the world of television.

Dahl TV has been specialising the past years in investigative journalism programs with high entertainment value.

It has also built up an impressive stable with programs like ‘Tales of the Sea’ (Klootwijk aan Zee), ‘Food Unwrapped’ (Keuringsdienst van Waarde) and ‘Fierce Kitchen’ (De Wilde Keuken). No production company exists in the Netherlands with this amount of knowledge and experience in this field. Food Unwrapped is an iconic program on Dutch television and is being succesfully produced in several other countries at the moment.

DahlTV Portfolio

What Should I Eat?
Cooking Adventures
Jan the Tax Man
Photo Studio De Jong
Pieter in Prehistory
Dutch Lung Fund
Bente’s Voice
Figure it Out
Food Unwrapped
Fierce Kitchen
Bureau Rooijakkers & Verster