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BlazHoffski expands drama division

BlazHoffski Productions expands her drama division. Last summer, BlazHoffski already produced the tv movie The Fall, but with the production of drama series The secret diary of Hendrik Groen the expansion really is a fact.

Dan Blazer, CEO BlazHoffski: “Eight years ago, Maike Meijer and Margôt Ros came to us with an absurd and incomprehensible plan for a sketch comedy show. Today, we have produced six seasons of the show andTower C (VPRO) is well known in the Netherlands and also successful in Canada and France (Canal+). Three years ago Snipers (BNN-VARA) followed, the sketch comedy show by Jochen Otten, Ronald Goedemondt, Bas Hoeflaak and Leo Alkemade. Now, I can proudly announce that we’re going to produce our first drama series for broadcaster MAX: The secret diary of Hendrik Groen with André van Duin, Kees Hulst and Olga Zuiderhoek in the lead roles. Besides that our first tv movie with Waldemar Torenstra and Gijs Naber will be on air next year!”

BlazHoffski likes to produce unconventional programs that we’d like to watch ourselves. Two years ago we started the expansion of our drama division. Anton Smit and Waldemar Torenstra, who are committed to us as creative producers, have and had a very important role in that process. Anton Smit: “It’s great to help BlazHoffski in creating this new drama division. In that regard, if feels like my early days at the company IDTV working on ‘The Plea’. Pioneering with passionate people, searching for new talents and trying to develop drama series and films which are not only special, but also appealing to a broad audience.”

Anton Smit was once the first boss of BlazHoffski-founders Dan Blazer and Erik van der Hoff. He is particularly valuable for BlazHoffski – he has an enormous drive, expertise and passion for drama and also has many years of experience as creative producer. Waldemar Torenstra is, next to being a renowned actor, a very creative mind. He has original and fascinating ideas. The tv movie The Fall is one of his ideas. Waldemar Torenstra: “Producing The Fall was like a dream come true and it’s fantastic that I can develop more films and series as creative producer at BlazHoffski. A lot of beautiful things are coming up.” On October 15 Nicky Tüske will start to work in the drama team. She will lead the drama productions as an executive producer. Nicky has gained a lot of experience in the world of film and television with among others the special productions Kneeling on a bed of violets and De Prooi.

Dan Blazer: “The combination of these three people and the people who are connected for some time to BlazHoffski leads to a fantastic team with a lot of experience, expertise and especially passion. At this moment, we have various series and (tv) movies in development.” Next to the production of the series The secret diary of Hendrik Groen, which will be written by Martin van Waardenberg and is directed by Tim Oliehoek, BlazHoffski is developing a new series of Snipers for BNN and Tower C is broadcasted by the VPRO at NPO 3 on Sunday evening.


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