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Food Unwrapped: The Food of Tomorrow

Food Unwrapped is dedicating 4 special episodes to the search for our food of tomorrow. What’s on our menu in the future?

The planet is getting more and more crowded. The world population is estimated to be 9 bilion people in 2050. In order to feed everyone on this planet, we have to search for new ways to produce food. Farmers, scientists and inventors from all over the world are working on a solution to produce enough food for everyone. What’s going to change in the piggery or at the tomato greenhouse in the coming years and will we notice the difference on our dinner plates?

Are farms becoming more large-scale in order to produce meat as good as possible? Is meat becoming very exclusive and do we all have to eat insects? Is there still fish swimming in the sea or will all the fish in the supermarket derive from controlled farms? And what technologies will we use to grow tomatoes?

The reporters from Food Unwrapped are visiting the industry, a farmer and a scientist to find answers to these questions. What can already be seen of the future of our food?

As part of NPO Food, Food Unwrapped explores in 4 episodes: meat, insects, fish and vegetables the food of tomorrow.

Food Unwrapped: The Food of Tomorrow, from Thursday the 19th of May at 20:25 on NPO 3.