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Operation NL Fit


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Operation NL Fit. A reality series in which we’ll follow five brave men and women for a ten week long period, during which they’ll try to radically change their life style, under the guidance of a sports coach, a nutritionist and a psychologist. They stop smoking, will excercise more and eat more healthily. In ten week they’ll lose 10 percent of their weight and run the Operation NL Fit 5 kilometer Run.

During those ten weeks, the five heroes will become an inspiration for the rest of the Netherlands. Everyone can follow one of our five leaders. Via television, radio, the website and social media. You’ll be able to see exactly what the leaders are eating, how to prepare it, which excercises they’re doing and they’ll motivate you to keep going. They are going through it just like you and they will inspire you to get off the couch and not give up!