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The Fairytale Tree show

Efteling/RTL Telekids



Dutch theme park De Efteling asked us to create a new children’s show (online and tv). We created The Fairytale Tree Show. In this puppet show we follow the inhabitants of the Fairytale Woods: Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, Cinderella, Dragon, Donkey, The Witch, The Fakir, Little Goat Benjamin, Tom Thumb, Long Neck and the Gnomes.

The characters are very open and give us a little view into their lives as they try and come up with new adventures for their stage performances every week. They produce new versions of old Fairytales in their own Fairytale Woods Theatre and the pressure to succeed is very high of course. They struggle but are always full of happiness and there’s a lot of room for songs, dancing and word play. It’s a colorful and fantastic chaos, fun to watch for children, but for their parents as well.