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Figure It Out


25 minutes

Factual entertainment

In Figure It Out, expert accountant Stefan Stasse will figure out what everyday things actually cost. With a large dose of humour, the financial motives of companies will be extensively analysed. Stasse will talk with specialists and will collect all information given to him by reporters Sander de Kramer, Sofie van den Enk, Marc de Hond en Jaïr Ferwerda. They are constantly on the road, looking for the true costs and economical motives of people and companies.

In short: how much does something cost and what do you get for it? Figure It Out steers the viewers through a jungle of numbers to make sure they’ll get an answer to the question: what does it actually cost? Or: what am I really paying for? Because no one seems to know what something really costs. Everything has already been calculated for us. All we have to do is pay.