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Money: the key to a happy life, right? In the new BNNVARA-program Rich! Jan Versteegh is going to look into our desire for wealth. More often it’s not about what you do, but how much you own. But is a lot of cash really a guarantee for a life without worries? Jan goes on a quest for the answer and explores how he can get rich himself as soon as possible. From gambling to a golden business and from stocks to start-ups. Jan tries to get rich in all kind of ways.

In ‘Rich!’ Jan is gaining advice by among others Quote-head editor┬áSander Schimmelpennick, the puissant rich casting director Micheal Blakey, former Ajax player Demy de Zeeuw and former radio dj Micheal Pilarczyk. Inspired by their story’s, experiences and knowledge Jan starts his own business. He follows his passions and goes into Cava wines. But how do you make a succes of such an enterprise? Where do you start and how do you manage that your product actually sees the light one day? Jan takes us on a quest and shows us from start to finish how to set up your own business, and most important of al: how to get rich!