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The secret diary of Hendrik Groen


35 minuten


In his secret diary Hendrik Groen describes his live in a home for the elderly in Amsterdam-North. He may well be old, but he’s not dead yet! Together with some of his fellow ‘inmates’ he establishes OlBuNoDeYe (Old, But Not Dead Yet). Because why should your life consist of just drinking a cup of coffee, staring out of the window and waiting for the end? Every episode describes a month in the lives of Hendrik and his friends in the OlBuNoDeYe-club.

This drama series consists of 12 episodes and is based on the book The secret diary of Hendrik Groen. The cast is formed by Kees Hulst (Hendrik), André van Duin (Evert) and Olga Zuiderhoek (Eefje). The series is written by Martin van Waardenberg and directed by Tim Oliehoek.